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Juliette Rose

Jahliz (aka) Juliette Rose is a 30-year-old singing sensation who was raised by a British mother and a Filipino father in Upland, California. She had a difficult life, marked by poverty and a tension at home that extended even to the songs her father had her sing at bedtime.

“My father made me sing every single night before I went to bed. “He loves to sing Elvis and made me sing to Michael Jackson and other R&B artists. I went to sleep every night with immortal songs running through my mind. Now music is in my blood.”

As you may have notice, Jahliz has been singing since she was able to talk. Amazingly, she entered her first music competition at the tender age of five. While being raised in a challenging environment, Jahliz still focused on her dream of becoming a professional singer. So, after putting herself through a private high school, she set out on her own when she was only16. Since then, she has taken the stage in more than 200 competitions and she has won 180 of them.

Through it all, music has been her lifeline. Performing at weddings and competitions was often more than an emotional outlet, it was means of survival. In 2006, her voice was able to take her from television to the stage of the Apollo Theater (NY), where she WOWED the crowd with her rendition of “Sweet Thing” by Chaka Khan.

In January 2010, Jahliz teamed up with her management firm, CTL Music Group to write and record her first self-release, entitled, “Transformation”. She flew to Las Vegas, NV and stepped into the studio under the direction of producer Delgado Cooke (Adina Howard, Bobby Tinsley, & more). It had been several years since she had recorded any music but she was mentally prepared for whatever she needed to do. Her tenacity with music served her well in Vegas. During her time in the studio, Jahliz came down with an upper-respiratory illness that blossomed into pneumonia and required time in a hospital. Miraculously, she still managed to finish the album. Her spout with pneumonia was nothing compared to being in the hospital for a month, as well as, almost losing her life, and unfortunately losing the life of her unborn child.

Fortunately, upon completing her project, Jahliz scored one of the biggest goals of her life! She wrote THREE dance HITS (which includes the first single, “I Like You” from “Transformation”) to be licensed for a 3D controller-free rhythm, coin-operated video game entitled, Silhouette. This new dance-crazed, fun-filled phenomenon will be launched nationwide by Titan 4 Games, later this Fall.

“I wrote my own songs, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my talent with others, after all I have been through.” Jahliz said. “When I sing, some people cry, or feel joy. Words cannot describe what it’s like to connect with a crowd and move them.”

“Transformation” is scheduled for digital release thru ITUNES on 05AUG 2010.