G&C Media can create any size banners for our clients. Our banners are customly made for our clients needs. We will design a protoype from the details you give us and fit it to your promotional needs.


Flyers are a need for a promotion of any type. G&C Media will create a custom graphic designed flyer that will fit your promotional needs. You give us the information and vision you have for the look and we will bring it life!


Have a new business or promoting a service? Need brochures? Don’t look any further because here at G&C Media we will create custom a designed brochure for your specific needs! G&C Media will bring your creative idea to life on paper with the help of our graphic design team.

Event Programs

Have a event that you need a program for? G&C Media can create a beautifully graphically custom designed event program to fit your needs! Our graphic design team is some of the finest people and will work closely with you to create a program to perfectly fit your needs.


Have an event that needs tickets? Want a design that you can’t find anywhere else? Well you’ve come to the right place. G&C Media custom designs tickets for your event whether it be a party, movie showing, fundrasier, etc. We will take your idea and bring it to life for a start to an amazing event!


Need a logo to represent and brand your business? or maybe you have a logo but want it redesigned? G&C Media’s graphic artist can help you with your logo needs! We bring our clients vision to life and make the logo fit their business. Each logo we design is custom and through every step our client is with us giving us notes on what they desire. If you need a custom designed logo G&C Media is the place to be!

Restaurant Menus

Revamping your restaurant? Changing the style? Well with that comes new dinner menus. Designing and creating custom designed dinner menus is what G&C Media does best! We will come in to your restaurant or catering business and take notes of how you see your new menus as well as take professional photography photos of your delicious entree’s and custom design a beautiful professional dinner menu for you business that everyone will love, enjoy and want to order from!

Press Kits

Don’t have a press kit? No problem! G&C Media is here at your service. We will design an amazing eye catching press kit that fits you and your personality. If you have a vision we will bring it to life! We believe firmly in helping you in your up and coming career whether it be in music, modeling, acting, etc. Let G&C Media design your personal custom designed press kit!

Photo Restorations

Here at G&C Media we believe all memories should be kept timeless, which is why we offer photo restorations! We will take your damaged photos and restore them to their original look!! Need a price or quote for your photo restoration? Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in your photo restoration needs.